Garege Door Controll Copy Machine

Model No.: HCD600
Weight: 1.3kg 
Function -1: Duplicate /learn part of rolling code garage door remote 
Function -2: duplicate /learn part of car keys 
Generate the remote by ic type: EV1527/PT2262/PT2240/VD5026/LX918/HT6P20/SMC5326/HT12/HT6026
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Product Details


●Indicates frequency &data

●Copy fixed code remote control and parts of rolling code

●Data comparison

●Regenerate new remote controls including car key and garage door controls

●Update Free online forever

●Chinese-English bilingual

●100%quality assurance resulted from quality inspection door remote contrl in all processes of manufacturing

●100%after sale service for door remote control

locksmith tool

Sepcifications of HCD600

Model No.




Function -1

Duplicate /learn part of rolling code garage door remote

Function -2

duplicate /learn part of car keys

Generate the remote by ic type



hcd-600 machine -1pcs/power line-1pcs/ usb update line-1pcs /download line -1pcs/remote control -4pcs /usual manual -1pcs






1.What is the HCD 600 can copy rolling code and fixed code?

Answer:most rolling code and all fixed code

2.Does it copy car keys?

Answer:yes,it can copy many Chinese keys and for smart car key,you can buy from us too.

3.What language does your machine support?

Answer:English and Chinese.But we also have Vietnam and Malaysia agents.We also can customise different language version for our customer.

4.What is the different between HCD600 and RMC888?

RMC 888 only can support fixed code remote control.HCD600 can check data (fixed code and rolling code), check frequency (high frequency 280-870Mhz,low frequency 27-40Mhz),compare data and copy remote controls including rolling code and fixed HCD600 is super better than RMC888.But if you need RMC888,we also have the product too.

5.What is the delivery time?

For sample order,just 2-5 days and for bulk order,15-20 days.


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