3 Unpopular Knowledge About Car Key Remote Controls

- May 15, 2019-

Nowadays, more and more people are buying cars. Cars have become an indispensable tool for our daily travel, but many car owners have used the most frequent car keys every day even after they have been driving for several years. Some useful functions have also been ignored, and have never been used. In fact, the car key has such a function, but it is not enough to use it, but you still need to know it. If you want it, you can save your life. Really use the Car key remote control? 3 unpopular knowledge, many people are not clear to open to scrap!

(1) Parking lot to find a car: Some car keys have a red trumpet button. Have you ever studied it for dry use? I once went to the 4S shop to repair the car. When I picked up the car, I repaired the staff and took the key. When I went out, I pressed the button. My car screamed far away in a corner of the parking lot - it was both looking for a car and asking for help. Function, when it is suspected that a bad person is close, can let the car continue to honk, causing others to pay attention.

(2) Close the window after the flameout: After stopping the fire, you will find that the window has been forgotten. - Press and hold the close button on the remote control key to close the window! This function, even on the general family car of ten thousand yuan, may also be equipped. For Ma Daha like me, it is so useful! There are also cars, as long as the remote control locks the car function, all the windows will be raised and closed. Is there a car? Try it, and then you'll know.

(3) Only open the cab door: Some cars (like Volkswagen's Sagitar, Magotan), press the remote key to open the door, just open the cab door; press twice to open all 4 doors. Some luxury models have the function of remotely starting the engine and even the air conditioner, but what you don't know is that your general family car may be able to. A lot of models, as long as you press and hold the lock button for a few seconds, 4 windows will automatically fall, wearing a wind blowing, when you approach, the temperature in the car is now less fearful, is it useful?

Some cars, there is no such setting at the factory, but consult your 4S shop, you can also transfer this function. In this way, without the active lock function, you can also give your co-pilot and the property on the back seat a security guarantee. Especially for female car owners, having this function, in a remote parking lot, can prevent gangsters from getting on the co-pilot or back seat.

There are children in the car, it is best to use child safety locks - most children's children's locks, are located on the side of the rear door, you may wish to look carefully, and some need your mechanical key to determine. This locks the door and can't be opened from the inside; and you can pull the door open when you are outside the car, so you can take care of your child at any time.