Analyze How To Protect Your Car Key Remote Controls

- Jun 15, 2019-

1. Do not touch metal objects

Many car owners are used to putting smart keys together with other keys or accessories. They don't know that they are in contact with metal objects or covered with metal objects, and the smart keys may fail. At the same time, in the bumps, other items may also cause damage to the smart key.

2. Don't throw away

Experts stressed that the internal lines of most smart keys have weak impact resistance and are easily damaged in the event of a severe collision. In addition, the smart Car key remote control will burn out the internal line after entering the water, which will also cause the remote control to malfunction. Also be careful not to place the smart key under the windshield or other high temperature environment that is exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Do not put the spare key in the car

Once the smart key is lost, it will cause a lot of trouble, and the cost of rematching is higher. Experts suggest that the spare key should not be placed in the car or placed with the smart key.

For the intelligent sensor key, it is necessary to modify the computer parameters when changing the key, and re-match the new set of keys. The owner needs to provide the vehicle and identity certificate, and the corresponding parameter or password of the model is issued by the manufacturer. The lost key cannot be started after the replacement. engine. Another solution is to replace the full vehicle lock. This method is more insurance, but the cost of maintenance and repair time are higher.

4. Do not use the wrong battery

It is prudent to change the battery of the smart Car key remote control. If there is an error, the circuit board in the key will burn out. Experts suggest that the car should try to replace the battery in a professional 4S shop. If you are cheap, if you go to an informal shop to repair it, you will lose your key.