Car Key Remote Control Rust Treatment

- May 30, 2019-

In our daily life, steel-like items or machines will rust after a long period of wind, sun, rain and rain. The rust of the Car key remote controls is also a headache for many car owners. The rust of the Car key remote controls means that the Car key remote controls are invalid. The car is not working properly. We are very experienced in dealing with the rust of Car key remote controls, mainly through the following methods.

1. When the Car key remote control is rusted, it will be cleaned with professional kerosene, or wiped with a rust remover and dried.

2. Use about 10cc of vinegar to remove the rust. Soak the metal part of the key for half an hour to an hour. Dry it with a dry cloth or paper towel. After rusting, apply Vaseline to dry it naturally.

3. If the key does not feel good after rusting, do not lock the car at this time, so as not to worry about the inability to unlock again. When you can't unlock, you can seek a professional 4S shop Wuhan emergency lock to help.

4, iron sandpaper can also remove rust, you can fold the iron sandpaper, and then put the key in the middle of the iron sandpaper, wipe back and forth to remove the rust on the key.

5, nail file can also remove the rust, play the effect of grinding, in general, the cross-shaped key can only be polished with sputum, the end of the nail file in the gully of the key a few times, you can make the Car key remote control The rust is automatically dropped.

The above points are the handling methods for the Car key remote control rust in Wuhan with the Car key remote control manufacturer, reminding everyone to prevent the Car key remote control from rusting.