Frequently Asked Questions About Car Key Remote Controls

- Jun 02, 2019-

First, no response

It is common for Car key remote controls to lose their response, such as when the button light is off. I think this time should consider the battery inside the key is not enough. If you can't solve the problem after replacing the battery, check the key of the key for damage. If there is no problem with the button, consider whether the key itself has a problem.

Second, can not control the door

If you confirm that there is no problem with the Car key remote control itself according to the first point, you need to do further inspection. You should match the whole program, because each model has different principles. It is necessary to use professional technology for this test. The reason why it is a professional technology is because it requires professional training, so many people choose professional car unlocking to solve this problem.

Third, easy to be interfered

After using it for a period of time, if the Car key remote control is frequently disturbed at close range, it may be that the battery is not sufficiently charged; if it is sometimes easily interfered by close distance, it may be affected by the surrounding environment. Specifically, it is also necessary to pass the test. If you want to judge the problem better, you need to find a place where the Wuhan car can be unlocked after sale.