Gates, Gate Operators And Access Control

- May 14, 2020-


Swing Gate | Overhead Slide Gate | Slide Gate | Vertical Pivot Gate | Barrier Gate | Turnstiles

Single Swing Gate

Single swing gates can be used in a variety of exterior and interior applications. Swing gates operate by swinging in or out. They can be fitted with special door hardware,  lock sets, panic exit devices, hydraulic door closures, or provisions for pad locking. This makes them suitable for exterior applications as well as interior applications including stairwell security enclosures to prevent entry to a building, condo, or parking garage. Depending on the length they can be motorized and access controls added.


Double Swing Gate

Double swing gates are typically used for larger openings, such as parking lots, driveways, etc. They have provisions for pad locking and can be motorized. Electronically operated double swing gates would require two gate operators.


Overhead Slide Gate

Overhead slide gates are generally used where there is limited storage available for the gate in an open position. Slide gates slide on a beam across the top of the opening. They operate well in snowy conditions as they cut their own path in the snow during operation of the gate. They are easy to open manually, can be motorized, and can be fitted with access controls.


Cantilever Slide Gate

Cantilever slide gates provide a more attractive solution than overhead slide gates as they do not require an overhead beam for operation. Instead, they operate using a system of rollers and tracks.  gates use a counterbalance load bearing design to support the entire weight of the gate as it spans the entryway. This design helps keep the end off of the ground to better penetrate accumulated snow. This design requires more storage area than an overhead slide gate however and it is recommended that an electric gate operator with access controls are installed for operation.


Vertical Pivot Gate

Vertical pivot gates are useful for areas where there is reduced storage to slide or swing a gate open. A pivot gate swings up vertically and must have overhead clearance. These gates require a motorized gate operator and can be fitted with access controls.


Barrier Gate

A barrier gate is a single arm gate that includes a gate operator. This is useful for low security areas such as parking lot entry and exit areas. 


Turnstiles can be used to secure and control the flow of people through athletic facilities, stadiums, amusement parks, and even office buildings. They provide an excellent means of perimeter security inside or outside. Handicap accessible turnstiles are available. Turnstiles are available in galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel and can have various finishes applied. Units can be manual or electric and access control features, such as key control or card access can be added.

Electric Gate Operators

Hydraulic Arms | Linear Actuators | Screw Drive Operators | Chain Drives


Gate operators can automatically secure the premises eliminating the need to manually open/close a gate. The selection of an operator, motor strength and drive mechanism, will depend on the gate type, size and weight. For the safety of vehicle and pedestrian traffic,  compliant safety options are available, including photo eyes, safety sensing edges, and vehicle detection loops. Swing and slide gate operators are automatically UL325 compliant. To control who enters your site, an appropriate access control system security system can be added. Gate operators require electricity at the site. Battery backups are available on most models.

Access Control Systems

Remote Controlled | Digital Keypads

Access Control Security Systems allow you to control who can gain access to your site. Today’s systems are more sophisticated and many hands free options are available. The selection of an appropriate system will depend on the type of traffic, people, or vehicle that will be entering the site.