How Long Can Your Car Key Remote Control Last?

- May 12, 2019-

When it comes to the Car key remote control, we usually use it very conveniently. Press on the front of the car and pull in the door to sit in, saving time and effort. Click on the car and click on it, the lock will be locked, the head will not be used back, is there still a little handsome!

But if it suddenly loses power, especially if you are in a hurry, are you dumbfounded? Maybe everyone hasn't thought about how long the remote control key can last. What signs will it have before it gets power? Today, talk to you about the Car key remote controls!

The Car key remote control is small, and it will not be too much attention when it is usually worn on the body. It will not cost much if it is turned on and off. So when there is no electricity, this problem is easily overlooked. The average Car key remote control battery life is 2-3 years, depending on the model. This time span is very large, so everyone will not count on how long it will take.

If it suddenly has no electricity for a day, don't worry. The general remote key will be equipped with a mechanical key, or hidden inside, or hung on one side. When the remote control key is dead, the mechanical key becomes a life-saving grass. The general door locks are on the handles, and some models hide the keyholes for aesthetics, but they are all near the handles.

In fact, before the remote control key is dead, it will tell you some phenomena. such as:

1, the remote control distance becomes shorter, the original 5, 6 meters can open the door, and now it must be close to the door to respond;

2. Occasionally, when you open the door, you will be out of order. These are the symptoms when the remote control key is almost dead.

3, pay attention to observe the indicator light on the key, when you press the button, the indicator light is dim than usual, or when it is dark, then you are better prepared to change the battery.

Sometimes you find that the car key is out of order, not necessarily because of the lack of power, or there may be sources of interference nearby. Because the key uses electromagnetic waves to give an indication signal, if there is strong magnetic field interference around the parking position, it will also affect the use of the remote control key.

It is worth noting that there is now a theft crime that interferes with the remote key switch door. When you are ready to switch the door, the criminals will use the jammer on the side.

When you press the button to close the door, the vehicle is disturbed by the tamper and cannot receive the command of the remote control key. The door is not closed. When you leave, the criminals will rob the property on the car. Therefore, in order to ensure that nothing is lost, it is best to pull the door after the door is locked.