How To Better Use And Keep Your Car Key Remote Controls

- Jun 12, 2019-

Although the Car key remote controls are small, they have many functions and the price is not cheap. With Car key remote controls, from a few hundred to a few thousand, some of the better cars cost up to 10,000 yuan. So how do you keep your Car key remote controls? Give you a few tricks.

First, get off and remember to pick up the keys.

Going out, you must remove the key when you get off the bus. Even if you just go to a roadside shop to buy a pack of cigarettes, there may be some accidents in just a few minutes. So when getting off the bus, be sure to turn off all the windows and turn off the fire to remove the keys.

Second, don't put the spare key in the car.

For the convenience of many people, the car uses a common key and uses the spare key to get on the bus. This will also leave the opportunity for the thief, the spare key should not be used frequently, and remember not to put it in the car after occasional use.

Third, parking is still coming by yourself.

In some unfamiliar public places, parking is best to come by yourself. It is a certain hidden danger for people who don’t know to pay for parking. This makes it easy for the thief to take the opportunity to copy your Car key remote controls.

Fourth, don't put it in a place with water.

The key is not only easy to run out of electricity, but also easy to break. When the smart Car key remote control enters the water, it will cause the remote control to malfunction. If the water intake is serious, you must get a professional key shop to repair it.