How To Control Your Door By Wall Switch Remote Control ?

- Jul 13, 2020-

Now wall switch is very normal and control your garage door or light by wall switch is also normal.Today i will show you how to use wall switch to control your garage door .

  1. Deletes the existing code of wall switch remote control 

Press the button 1 and button 2 at the same time until the LED quickly flashes 3 times .Press and hold button 1 while press 3 times on the button 2 until the LED flashes fastly and continuously ,release the button  .The code has been deleted successfully .

2.Copies the code from original remote control 

Take your original remote in the left hand and our duplicator in your right,put them close to each other .Press buttons of both remote controls until LED on our duplicator keeps flashing,release the buttons.The left buttons follow  the same above operation

3.Recovers the existing code of remote duplicator

If you carelessly delete the code of the remote duplicator (Press any button but the LED of remote duplicator not working ) ,then how to get memory ?Just follows the below:Press button 3 and button  4 at the same time until the LED keeps flashing quickly.