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- Mar 10, 2020-

How to make the product speak for you?

Many times when we introduce products to customers, we always get used to saying that the quality of our products is very good, and the price is very reasonable. and then? Customers rarely respond. In fact, it seems useless to say that our products are of good quality.

I. In-depth communication with customers. We deeply understand every detail of the product, and then tell it to your customers in plain language to let your customers know every good detail of your product. This is what we often say that the first step for newcomers to learn is to become familiar with your product, so that you can be more convincing when communicating with customers, whether it is learning through materials, learning in the workshop, and consulting with old salespeople, what methods All are ok, the key is to thoroughly understand your product is the most critical foundation. Many people will overlook the in-depth introduction of the product, such as a machine, many inconspicuous details may save the cost of the machine, extend the life of the machine, and so on. Have you introduced these to your customers? The customer asked you why you are more expensive. You said that because of the good quality of our products, the customer said that each supplier said so. You said that we were really good. After a long time, what are you doing well for, and why do customers do it for you Pay this sentence. Instead of breaking your mouth, let your customers show your strengths and make them feel that you are really good enough to be more expensive. In addition to understanding the product, you can also accumulate some proof materials, pictures, videos, certificates and the like. Doing this can increase your chances of getting customer orders.

2.Digitalize and visualize product advantages The best way to introduce product advantages to customers is to digitize and visualize product advantages. Even if your product is slightly more expensive than others' products, customers will be very impressed when they consider the higher value they can get by buying your product. Therefore, every foreign trade salesman must be good at discovering and summing up the advantages of his products, and turn these advantages into digital and visual explanations for customers

3.Third, focus on customer experience

Experiential marketing is now a marketing method that includes product sales, service, and value. Only customers who have actually experienced the product can intuitively feel the effect of the product.

No matter what method is used to make the customer feel that buying your product can bring him the expected benefits, the customer is willing to cooperate with you.