How To Use Your Car Charger Remote Control In Your Car?

- Jun 28, 2020-

Universal car charger  remote control


Auto-scan type 

multi frequency 280-870Mhz

Up to 4 in 1 



1.Hold button 1 and   press button 2 four times ,then release both buttons,  the led of universal remote  emits a quick flash every 2 sec.

2.Place and press the original remote control in front of the remote , at about 2-3 cm of distance,until the led of universal remote  starts flash quickly.

3.While the LED of universal remote  is flashing, press the button of the universal remote  where you want to store ,the remote'code just copied, until the led will turn off.


To duplicate a second button, repeat the operation from the point 1

Automatic matching code:

Hold on pressing press the button you want to match code. until the receiver emitt the code ,the led of the   remote flash quickly ,then release the button ,the remote’s code has matched successfully .

Emitting seed code:

Pressing the button 1 and button 2 at the same time until LED flashes quickly . Release two buttons .press the button that you want to emit seed code , it has emitted seed code successfully .

After you match ok with your receiver,then,you can use the car charger remote control to control your garage door .