Share 5 Don't Use Car Key Remote Control

- May 27, 2019-

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more high-end cars appear in their own homes, that is, the car smart key has gradually replaced the traditional key. The smart key only needs to be in the pocket, away from the car. You can open the door, you only need to press the start button when you enter the car, the car can start itself, it is very convenient and practical, but all have advantages and disadvantages, not to say that if you can use it at will, it will become very troublesome if you use it improperly. In this remind everyone to use the Car key remote control 5 do not.

1. Don't touch metal objects

For the convenience of many car owners, the Car key remote controls and other home keys, unit keys and other large numbers of keys are hung together, and some heavy accessories are also hung. This is wrong, key metal items, metal objects and metal. When the item collides for a long time, the key will be out of order, and the decoration of the key and the Car key remote control for a long time will cause the key case to be damaged early.

2, do not put together with the electronic device

The smart key works with low-intensity radio waves, so if there is magnetic interference, it will not work properly. Wuhan Car key remote control reminder If the smart key is put together with the computer or mobile phone, the remote control function of the key temporarily fails.

3, don't throw

Although most smart key housings are relatively strong, the internal line has a weak impact resistance and can be damaged if subjected to intense collisions or landing at high altitudes.

4, do not use the wrong battery

Before changing the battery of the smart Car key remote control, you must first read the instructions and install it correctly. Otherwise, the installation is incorrect or the positive and negative poles are reversed, which may burn the circuit board.

5, do not put the spare key in the car

It is a lot of trouble to lose the Car key remote control, especially the smart Car key remote control. Because the anti-theft technology involving the whole car is not lost, the Car key remote control can be used simply. If it is lost, it needs to be rebuilt, but also with the computer. Rematch. Therefore, the Car key remote control in Wuhan reminds everyone that if the spare key and the current use are not put together, do not put the spare key in the car to avoid loss.