Talking About Anti-theft Application Of Chip In Car Key Remote Control

- Jun 18, 2019-

There are many kinds of chips, one is the circuit system chip, which is used on satellites and airplanes, because it can be large or small, and can transmit information from a few inches to a few miles. There is also a magnetic chip. His performance is much more limited than with the circuit. This is generally used in the anti-theft of cars.

Magnetic chip systems are passive in nature. This means they don't need power support or their own super energy. Their operation relies on a frequency of 125 kHz. When there is no external and self-energy support, its transmission range is limited to only 1 to 15 meters. In many automotive chip systems, the identification of keys is similar.

There are many types of Car key remote control chips, fixed code, rolling code, plus password.

A fixed code means that the code is fixed and consists of numbers and English letters (the data does not change when the trigger is activated).

Add password: The encryption code is used for the latest chip and chip controllers (using two-way data encryption). It is equipped with an internal program algorithm for decrypting each encrypted message.

Rolling code: Each key has a different electronic code. But every time you use the key to start the vehicle engine, the code will be changed. The process of changing the code is only known to the chip controller manufacturer. What are the Car key remote control matching instruments? It is taboo and difficult to crack by reading the memory of the key chip.