The Reason Why The Car Key Remote Control Cannot Be Turned After Being Inserted

- May 21, 2019-

The first reason that the key cannot be turned is that the steering wheel did not return to the previous position when the vehicle was stopped, resulting in an abnormal lock on the steering wheel. In this case, the right hand can use the micro force to turn the key while shaking the steering wheel left and right, and the key can be turned.

What happened to the Car key remote control?

Let us take a look at the raw materials of the key: the key to the raw material is alloy, and the general is copper. In operation, the key life of the raw material is 5-6 times that of the general key, and the key of the raw material and the lock core are basically synchronized.

1. This phenomenon is often present in the automatic car. The reason is that the automatic gear does not return to the real position on the P block. Sometimes it looks back to the position, but it does not touch the electronic sensor, or the chute has a hard object to block it and other things to prevent the return. The owner should check whether there is any foreign object blocking in the retaining groove, sort them out; start the car, move the gear from the head, admit that it is fully returned, and the key can be pulled out.

2. There is also a situation where the key and the lock cylinder are damaged. Generally, the failure rate of the force milling key is relatively high. For example, the Honda car system is relatively common, and the damage is formed in the following aspects:

1. The number of times the key is inserted and removed with a key for a long time, the key is excessively worn.

2, the key is not plugged and unplugged, the key is too hard to insert, so that the inside of the lock shrapnel and the key is severely worn and even deformed.

3, Car key remote controls should pay attention to the use, do not hang too many keys or heavy keychain, should adhere to the weight of the key, as the car will fluctuate up and down, this will cut the life of the key and lock core for a long time.