Using Your Mobile Phone To Control Your Garage Door

- Apr 10, 2020-

The great thing about this method of controlling your garage door is that you don’t have to carry around another remote control that you are more likely to either lose or leave in your car overnight. We all have our Smartphones at arm’s length these days, and being able to carry out such control on your Apple or Android means less carriage and more efficiency.

How Does it Work?

wifi app==

It’s simple and cost effective  and you don’t need to take an electronics course to be able to do it. All you need is an Android or Apple mobile phone  and the right app that will connect your phone to the garage door opener.Our this system can be used on more than 100 brands garage door and 300 models,like FAAC,BFT,LIFTMASTER,GENIUS,NICE,ALLMATIC,ATA, etc.

The most cleverest part to this is that you can pair more than one phone as well, so if you have a large family that needs constant access in and out of the garage then up to 10 phones can be paired with the garage door opener, meaning your whole family can be given access if you choose to let them.


What are the Security Implications?

For the security conscious you may be thinking that anyone with the app and an Android or apple phone can easily gain access to your garage but you would be wrong! The app and your phone can be password protected so no one else can gain access to your garage, and if you lose your phone because everything is password protected they still won’t be able to operate the garage door.

Now this is an important selling point for the app because the same can’t be said if you lose your garage remote, there are no security features that will stop anyone getting access to your garage so the  way of controlling your garage happens to be the strongest when it comes to security.The app will also keep a log of which users are opening and closing the door as well as the times that they operated it, so it great if you want to keep check on when the kids are coming home. You can also setup a vacation mode if you are planning to take a week or two out of town.

Extra Information

The wifi camera for the Juhui Smart or Idoor app has to be purchased from them and at the moment it costs 60US, but you do get the app for free. You also save money by using this method as you don’t need to replace batteries in a remote 


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