What Are The Advantages Of The Car Key Remote Control?

- May 18, 2019-

The biggest advantage of the Car key remote control is that the driver can enter the car more conveniently and quickly. No need to illuminate during the day or night, and the complicated process of inserting the key to open the door can be omitted, and the unlocking and locking can be performed at a long distance.

The Car key remote control can also open the luggage compartment and the fuel tank filler cap outside the vehicle. When the vehicle is locked, the window can be closed and the rearview mirror can be retracted.

How the remote key works:

When the Car key remote control is around the owner, a weak electric wave is emitted. The electric wave signal is received by the car antenna, and the signal code is recognized by the electronic controller ECU, and then the actuator of the system performs the opening/closing operation, mainly by the transmitter and the receiver. The two are composed in part.

Don't panic when you encounter a malfunction of the Car key remote control, it may be due to the following reasons:

1. The battery is dead or the battery is in poor contact.

2. The time control module in the Car key remote control fails.

3. The antenna of the remote control transmitter on the car is aging.

4. The front windshield is affixed with an explosion-proof solar film, and the explosion-proof solar film shields the remote control signal to a certain extent.

Precautions when using the Car key remote control:

1. The intelligent Car key remote control should avoid contact with some strong magnetic fields. For example, where there is a strong magnetic field signal such as high-voltage lines and towers, it is necessary to avoid parking the vehicle because the smart key uses low-intensity radio waves, so in the case of magnetic interference. May not work properly.

2. When using the smart key, try not to throw it. Although most smart keys have a strong outer casing, often throwing them will result in poor internal battery contact.