What Should I Do If The Car Key Remote Control Fails?

- May 06, 2019-

The configuration of today's cars is not what it used to be, but sometimes these "high-tech" configurations can be a headache, and there are some hidden dangers at the same time. What if the remote control key fails? Today we will explain this detail.

Car key remote control failure: how to open the door?

If the sensor key fails and the door cannot be opened, there are two possibilities. The first is that the battery of the car is dead. The second one may be that the key is dead. At this time, no matter how to deal with it or repair it, we need to use the spare first. The mechanical key opens the door. I have asked some owners who have the configuration of the induction key. Not everyone knows how to open the door in this situation.

Car key remote control failure: spare mechanical key type

Generally, there are two kinds of keys with sensing function: 1. Conventional folding mechanical key; 2. Concealed mechanical key. If it is a conventional folding key, you can open the door by directly opening the mechanical key when there is no electricity; if it is hidden, we need to find the mechanical key. Generally speaking, the mechanical spare key is hidden in the main key, usually can not be seen, need to use When you pull it out, you can open the door as a regular mechanical key. However, mechanical keys usually only open one door of the driver's seat, while other doors need to be manually opened in the car.

The car key remote control is out of order: Some cars do not have a keyhole?

Someone asked me before: My car doesn't have a mechanical keyhole. What if I don't have electricity? In fact, it is not without, but some models hide the keyhole for the sake of design, such as golf and Hao Rui. If you need to use a mechanical key to unlock, you need to remove the decorative cover before you can use it.

This kind of design is very practical. Usually, the keyhole is beautifully hidden, and it can also ensure that the keyhole does not go into the dirty things. Just when you encounter problems, you can think of it as there is no problem.

Car key remote control failure: how to start the engine?

Models with a keyless starter system have sensors in the car, and the function of starting the engine is realized by sensing the car key, but when the car key is not powered, the transmitting power is low, resulting in the vehicle being less "sensitive". "And sometimes, the drums can't start the car smoothly for a long time. In fact, it is also tricky to encounter this problem. It is to put the induction key in the vicinity of the vehicle's internal sensor, which may be a success. For example, the sensor position of the Regal model is in the front central armrest box, and the key is placed here. It can help the low-key key to start the vehicle more smoothly, but the position design of each model sensor is different, which requires you to carefully check the manual to find this position, remember it in case of any eventuality. Of course, this situation is limited to the fact that the sensor key is out of power, and the vehicle is completely out of power and there is no embarrassment. It can only enter the vehicle but cannot be started.