2 Channel Rf Transmitter And Receiver

Transmitter Specification: Channel: 2 CH Remote Control Distance: 100 meter(open/ideal) in theory, 15%-50% in reality(In open environment,receiver antenna outside the box) Encode: Fixed code, soldering Frequency: 315 MHz / 433 MHz Power Supply: 1 X 12V/24V/23A
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Control Mode:

Control Types:
Toggle/Self-Lock: Press->On; Press again->Off
press one button for one time is working/ON .press the same button again is stop/OFF .(1 channel switch(receiver) need 1 button remote control (transmitter).
Latched/Inter-Lock: Press->On; Press other button->Off
press one button is working/ON ,press another button is stop/OFF . ( 1 channel switch( receiver) need 2 buttons remote control (transmitter).
Momentary/Jog: Press and hold->On; Release->Off
Keep pressing one button is working /ON. loosen your finger is stop/OFF .1 channel switch(receiver) need 1 button remote control (transmitter )
(Factory Original Setting is Momentary,pls Choose the function,or Change it by yourself.)
Decode: Learning code
Power Supply (Operating Voltage): DC 12V
Relay: 10A/250V AC, 10A/125V AC, 10A/30V DC, 10A/28V DC
Work Voltage Range of Relay: AC 110-240V or DC 0-28V (Not receiver)
Sensitivity: -105 dBm
Operating Temperature:-40℃ to +80℃

Learn code and Remove Code:

1. Learn:press the learning code .the indicator from on to off ,loosen your finger ,press any button of the remote control ,the indicator flash 2 times and off .it mean you learn it successfully .it can learn more than 12 PCS 2260/2262/1527 chip with the different code wireless remote control.
2.Remove :press the learning button about 8 seconds , the indicator turn on to off , it means the Code had been removed successfully.





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