Garage Door Opener Receiver

Transmitter: Operating Voltage: DC12V Operating Frequency: 433Mhz Chip Type: EV1527 Modulation: ASK (Stable, less interference) Battery Type: 12V 27A Product DIM: 54x30x13mm You will get: 2X Transmitters (Battery is not included) 1X Receiver, 1X English Manual
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RELIABLE & STABLE # The product adopts RF technology, with long remote control distance and stable signal. The integrated module features stable performance, making the product easy to use,strongly reliable and enduring.

LONG RANGE # Signal can pass through walls, floors and doors, steadily control receiver from any place within a reliable distance. Max range is up to 328ft/100m with no obstacle.

EASY & FLEXIBLE # Two independent relay channels can either work together (in latching) for polarity reversing or individually ( in pulse / hold ) to control different electronics, such as one channel for garage door controller unit, the other for entry lights. Easy programming & easy to use DIP switches working mode selection between pulse / momentary, hold / toggle and latching mode.

APPLICATIONS # It is widely used in industrial control and security fields, such as light, motor, remote controller, wireless security alarm, wireless door alarm, wireless controller, etc.

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