Motor Receiver

1.Frequency:433.92MHZ 2.Code:HCS301,SC2260,EV1527ect. 3.Andvantage-1:Eeasy Operation 4.Andvantage-2:Operation of distance -100m 5.Certificate:CE,ROHS,FCC,ISO9001,TUV etc. 6.MOQ:10Pcs 7.Trade Terms:FOB or EXW 8.Working voltage:220VAC 9.Receiver mode:Superheterodyne 10.Encode:rolling code 11.Static current:5mA±2 12.Working current:50-200mA 13.Range:60-150m in unobstructed area 14.Memory capacity:140 remotes controls 15.Wire connect:Terminal block 16.Control mode:Continuous output (bistable) or momentary output(monostable). 17.Receive sensitivity:-113dBm (max) 18.Dimensions(L x W x T):125*75*35mm 19.Net weight:96g 20.Output mode:Dry contact 21.Operation Temperature:-25~85 Degree Celsius 22.Input Voltage:AC220V 23.Output Voltage:AC220V/2A
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Product Details

Motor Receiver User manual:

Third, the product schematic as follows:

1. Input voltage: AC220V 

2. distance ≥ 50 meters

3. Most support 30 Juhui rolling code remote control

●  Code learning

1. Short press the “LEARN” button and then release, the indicator light goes out,which means

entering into learning mode.

2. Press any button on the remote control, the indicator light flashes ,indicating that the code

learning is successful and you can continue learning.

3. On learning mode,if the receiver doesn’t receive any signals, it will drop out from leaning

mode automatically.

4. The remote control must be Juhui rolling code HCS 301 remote control,and the remote

control button value 2,4,8,1,frequency 433.92mhz and the ratio is 400.

● Test buttons on motor

1. Press UP button ,if motor moves forward direction(factory default),it will start up UP relay.

If motor moves opposite direction,it will start Down relay.The function is same with first button

of remote control.

2. Press DOWN button will start up reply. If motor direction opposite direction will start up

down relay.Function the same with second button of remote control.

3. Press STOP button,the motor will stop working.

● Remote Control

1. Press button 1,if motor moves forward direction(factory default),the motor will start UP

upstream relay.If motor moves opposite direction,the motor will start up Down relay.

2. Press button 2 ,if motor forward direction(factory default)will start up upstream relay.If

motor direction opposite direction will start up Down relay.

3. Press button 3, the indicator light flicker once,remote control locked.If motor are working

will stop automatically,and press remote control first or second button,indicator light flicker

once,reply not working.

4. Press button 4,the indicator light flickers twice,the remote control will lock and the motor

will stop working.

● Switch motor direction

Keep pressing button 3 “Lock” button on the remote control until the indicator flashes and

then release,indicating that the motor direction has been switched successfully.

● Remote distance code learning

1. Press the first button and the second button of the remote control at the same time,2-3

second later, the indicator light goes out to enter into learning mode.

2. Press any button of another remote control, the indicator light flashes and you can continue


3. Press first button and second button of learned remote control again,the indicator light lights

to exit the learning mode.

4. if the motor doesn’t get any signals within 8 seconds,it will exit learning mode automatically.

5. The remote control must be Juhui HCS301 remote control,and the button value 2,4,8,1,fre-

quency is 433.92mhz, and the ratio is 400.


motor reciever  KIT08_副本


Q1:where the receiver can be used on ?

Answer:Tubulor motor ,chain motor,sliding door motor,etc

Q2:how can i get one sample?

A2:we can offer you free samples .

Q3:what kind shipping way ?

A3:We can ship you goods by sea,by air,by express including DHL,FEDEX,TNT

Q4: Are you a manufacturer? Where is your factory?
A4:Yes, we are factory and located in Quanzhou city,Fujian province, China.


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