4 Button 433.92 Garage Door Remote Control

Operating voltage: DC12V
Operating Current: <=12mA
Operation frequency: 303MHZ/310MHZ/315MHZ/433.92MHZ optional
Transmit Power: >=10mW
Transmission speed: 50-60KHz
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Product Details

Technology parameter

Operating voltage


Operating Current


Operation frequency

303MHZ/310MHZ/315MHZ/433.92MHZ optional

Transmit Power


Transmission speed


Frequency windage


Transmission distance

100meters (open space)

Oscillation resistance

Per customer's request

Chip and operating mode

Hopping code(HC301,300,200 and so on)
Fixed code(2262,2260 and so on)
Learning code(1527,2240,HT6P20B,HT6P20D and so on)
Copy code

1.Various crust for your choice
2.Material: Metal and PVC
3.Encoding type: fixed/learning/rolling code/copy code
4.High stability:Adopting imported SMT component SAW and super high frequency Audion(6.5G)

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How to operate? please kindly check following 

1. While pressing the button 1 of the duplicator? at the same time press 4 times the 2 button.
2. Release both buttons. Now the duplicator RED LED emits a short flash every 2 seconds.
3. Place the original remote control to be programmed in front of the duplicator? at about 5 cm of distance (as shown in the picture).
4. Press and retain pressed the button of the original remote control and wait for a change flash (as a faster flash) of duplicator RED LED and a change of its color (BLUE) that confirms the correct learning of code. This step may take a few seconds and during that the color LED is RED.
5. While the BLUE LED is flashing, press the button of the duplicator?where you want to program the code just learnt, and retain pressed until the LED switches off and an extended sound "BEEP"for a reconfirmation of the correct code learning.
This step may take some seconds.
6. The copy has been happened with success. Now check on the automation the correct
functioning of the new duplicator remote control.
If the RED LED flashes only 3 times (of RED color) and switches off, the code has not learnt correctly. Please repeat the operation from the step 1.
The duplicator memory is completely re-writable.
To duplicate further buttons of duplicator, please repeat the operation from the step 1.

Company and factory


Use range




For order:

1, Accept OEM.
2, Print logo on the case and package
3, Payment Details :30% deposit,70%balance before shipment.Payment accept T/T and western union optional.
4, Minimum Order:100 pcs (accept trial order)
5, Delivery Details:within two weeks.

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