433Mhz Remote Switch

wireless remote control for wireless remote control for warehouse door,smart key,civil security as house security,commercial security,industrial area by fixed code learning code rolling code and other codes. With low consumption but high efficiency, it will be more and more important to human life.
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Product Details

433Mhz Remote Switch

Operating voltage: 3V

Operating Current: <=12mA

Operating frequency: 315MHz/433.92MHz/303MHz/310MHz/330MHz

Frequency windage: ±0.2MHz

Transmission speed: 50-60KHz

Transmit Power: >=10mW

Transmission distance: 80-100meters 

Oscillation resistance: Under your request


Chip:learning code (1527,2240,HT6P20B ,HT6P20D )

        fixed code (2262,2260)

        rolling code (HCS301,300,200)

        copy code (special clip can copy fixed code and learning code)


Multi-frequency Copy Remote

Multi-frequency Copy

1. All of our items are brand new

2. One to one key copy

3. Each key password alone save

4. Can continuous repetitive copy use one million times

5. Privacy is strong

6. A replacement for fixed and rolling code remotes.

7. One remote control can control up to 4 different brands of remote controls.

8. Multi-functional and multi-variable, personalized and user-friendly simple design and fast to use.

9. Up to four remotes can be cloned at the same time

10. Clone most of the rolling code remotes. Clone 99% fixed code remote controls


1. Could I order one piece for sample to test the quality?

A: Yes, You could order the sample before your order. We recommend to check the sample before order, to make sure you will get the indeed product that you need.


2. What time can you deliver my order?

Samples in 5-7 working days, bulk order in 15-20 working days after payment.


3. What's your best price?

We make different models and different chip, please advise detailed parameters for goods that you need.


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