Remote Gate Opener

Compatible chip:2264,2262, 2260, 2240, 1527, 527.SMC918 etc. Incompatible chips: All rolling code chips such as HCS301, HCS101, etc Support frequency:310,315, 330, 350, 390, 418, 430, 433
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TheMatching methods:

The first step is to clear the code

Press and hold the two buttons (regardless of symbol) in the upper row at the same time until the indicator light keeps flashing

Note:This step operates for the newly purchased remote controlPlease do not clear your original remote control


Step 2: learn to code

Hold the old and new remote control in both hands as close as possible and hold down the same key of both remote control and other indicators

Note:The four buttons are operated four times each and can be used even if the buttons on the remote control may have different symbols

remote control transmitter

door opener

remote control 315



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