Universal Gate Remote

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Product Details

Universal Gate Remote

Product Description

Step 1 – Clear code

To clear factory preset codes used for testing purpose, you need do as follow

1 Press and hold the top two buttons (1st button and 2nd button) at the same time continuously

     until LED flash 3 times and off.

2 Only release 2nd(B)button and keep pressing 1st(A)button  ,and press 2dn(B)button slowly  

     repeat for 3 times ,then the LED light will flash very fast.

3 Release 1st(A) button,finish code clearance

Step 2 – Copy(clone)


1 Place the original remote control and copy remote close together (<10mm as close as possible).

2 Press and hold one button on your original remote and the button on copy remote which you

     wish to be programmed on at the same time for approximately 3 seconds, then LED indicator  

     flashes two times,followed by a continuous fast blinking, indicating that the button is

     successfully copied.

3  Release both buttons,finish code copy. Repeat the above clone step for other buttons which

     you need.




The best duplicating position varies depending on the original remote control you are using, you

can try different positions until the code is successfully copied. 


 Main Technical Parameter

Model: JH-TX13

Button: 1,2,3,4 optional

Material: Metal and ABS

Battery: Coin battery 6V

Distance: 100m(in open space)

Warranty: 12 Month

Frequency: 433.92 mhz / 315 mhz/ 868mhz ,other customized

Encoding Chip: 2262, 2264, 2260, 2240,EV1527, HCS301, HCS300,HT6P20B,HT6P20D, etc.

Encoding type: Learning code, Fixed code, Rolling code.

Button image: ABCD,1234,ON/OFF/AUTO etc.Customized

Led light color: Standard Blue,Red other Yellow, Green, Purple etc. can be optional.

Product packaging


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