Long Range Rf Remote Control

Duplicate Your Existing Remote Controllers: Easy to install and use, the 4 channel remote control system lets you take control of your gadgets, car and home or garage. Works with the following remote control modules (please check your existing remote control before ordering): Your remotes also should be Fixed code or Learning code. Frequenc y is adjustable to fit all frequencies between 300Mhz and 868Mhz (300MHZ , 303.8 , 306MHZ , 310MHZ , 315MHZ , 315.5MHZ , 330MHZ , 360MHZ , 390MHZ , 418MHZ , 430.5MHZ , 433.42MHZ , 433.92MHZ , 868.35MHZ , 286-361MHZ , 384-400MHZ)
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Product Details

Technical Data sheet 

1. Operating voltage: DC6V

2. Operating current: 10MA

3. Frequency available: Multi Frequency

4. Ambient temperature : -20 - +50 degree

5.Distance:50-100meter(open space)

6.Frequency:280mhz to 868mhz scan automaticlly

7.Chip: fixed code&leanring code& part of rolling code duplicator





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