315MHZ Rolling Code Wireless Controller

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This product can copy the remote control with the following chip inside: 2260(all manufacturers); 2262(All manufacturers); PT2264, 5326(All manufacturers);SC5262, HT600, HT680, HT6207, HT6010, HT6012, HT6014, SMC918 series, 527(All manufacturers); 1527(All manufacturers); 2240(All manufacturers); HCS101, HCS200\HCS201(part code), HCS300\HCS301(part code), part single chip microcomputer. If you fail in copying with proper operation, you might have to check whether your device has a chip above. HCS encryption chip and other encryption chip can not be copied. How to Program: Because the fob has code when it was produced, so you need to reset it before copying. Reset: Hold buttons A and B down simultaneously, once the LED is flashing continuously, release both buttons to complete the reset.(If your remote hasn't have button A or B, just press the top two buttons) Copy: Hold down the button on the original remote you want to copy while simultaneously pressing and holding which button you want to program on the new fob (A, B, C, D etc.).(Both your original remote and new remote’s head should close to each other) The process will be complete with the fob LED flashes. Tips: If you reset the code that you had copied and want to recover, press buttons C and D (or the bottom two buttons) until LED light flashing. Notice: If done correctly, can use directly. If not, or individual button not useful, please turn to clean and copy again, notice the change of light during operation. If problems still exist after attempting several times, check the chip and frequency of original remote control again, and contact us.




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